Luxury hotel lounge project in Dubai

Dubai has welcomed visitors to its hot, sandy shores for years. Today this entrepreneurial tradition remains strong and tourists are guaranteed warmth and hospitality. With its ultra-modern skyscrapers, extreme shopping and golden sandy beaches, it has become synonymous with luxury holidays and experiences. In Dubai you can choose from a tremendous array of luxurious modern hotels with superb accommodation, top restaurants and perfect services. Uniquely experiences in these structures are impressive: from panoramic helicopter tours, to luxury desert safaris, from exclusive beauty treatments offered in world-class spa, to unforgettable dinners in underwater restaurant.

Every single space provides relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere to the most demanding customers, with a greater attention to detail. Even just having a drink must be an exclusive moment here. For this reason, in the projecting of a prestigious hotel lounge in the heart of Dubai, Bruno Zampa has tried to enhance 3 key points: fashionable style, luxurious design and privacy.
In the interior spaces, entirely designed by Bruno Zampa, materials excellence meets lines harmony in a perfect balance. The care in the details and the inspiration one can breathe in this project create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere which make guest feel welcomed and pampered.
As indispensable as it is in the great top hotels, the area dedicated to the bar service is very important. We set a large-scale American bar with classic capitonné decoration; sitting on the wraparound leather seat of Flower stools, it will be a pleasure to have a drink prepared by expert bartenders.
The sitting arrangement allow to provide guests with intimate and yet airy spaces, offering discretion and extreme relax. The Bruno Zampa most iconic sofas alternate with custom-made seating systems, in order to create dynamic convivial areas, recalling the famous French bistrot. In the smallest sitting areas, we see the combination of the comfortable Aurora armchairs with the Hector tables in their round version.

Bruno Zampa style and “Made in Italy” is easily recognizable here and you can feel it in every detail. Further enhancing the high services quality, it will be a fantastic travel companion in the relaxing moments of an exclusive stay in Dubai.

Dubai hotel


AVANTGARDE03 lounge 00028
AVANTGARDE03 lounge 00027
Barcounter detail


AVANTGARDE03 lounge 00022
Aurora armchairs with Hector round table
AVANTGARDE03 lounge 00014


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